Over the past few months Digital Nomads Medellin has grown into a vibrant and active community. I need to thank all of you who have been a part of it and contributed within the group, and at the meetups. I’ve always known that Medellin had a core group of online entrepreneurs with interesting and exciting businesses, but starting this group has made me realise just how much cool shit that this city has going on.

At our meetups, which we hold every two weeks across the city, I get to speak to so many awesome people, I always leave with my head buzzing with ideas and changes that I need to make to existing businesses. What’s really great is that everyone gets on, you’re all a great bunch of people. I know it sounds slimy and grovelling, but it’s true.

Let’s attract the people we want to connect with

I want to keep this community going and growing, but I also want to maintain its ‘close-knit’ vibe that makes it so interesting and useful. Many new visitors roll into Medellin every day, but we just want to attract those that we want to connect with and those who want to connect with us – kind of an entrepreneurial Freemasons society (well not really but you know what I mean). If you know anyone who is already here, or is planning to visit please add them to this group, the more real experience and interesting ideas that we have in the group will benefit us all.

The new Medellin Digital Nomad Guide and Coupons

Because there are so many new digital nomads coming to Medellin I have created a 60 page guide and a set of coupon deals for anyone who is coming to Medellin for the first time (or if they’re already here). They will have all the information about where to stay, where to work, where to party, how to connect, how much they’ll spend, where to learn Spanish etc. etc. But they will also get 20 coupons over a range of Digital Nomad oriented places. Such as 15 to 20% off most of the city’s coworking spaces, free coffees in the best cafes, discount off four different Spanish schools, a free tax consultation plus much more.

I’ve spent many hours traipsing around the city to research the guide and put together the deals but it’s been really great to connect with all these businesses and promote the group with them. It was nice to see that they were all really receptive to the idea and wanted to know more about it.

I will be writing a blog here every month from now on, so if anyone has any ideas or feedback please let me know! Thanks again for being part of this awesome group!


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  • Kevin

    This is a great initiative. I look forward to keep reading and hopefully providing some content to the blog.

  • Shaun Taberer

    Thanks for your feedback Kevin. If you want to write something for the blog just get in touch and we’ll chat!

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