Living in Seattle for 5 years made me accustomed to thinking of coffee shops doubling as co-working spaces. In Colombia it is not common to work for extensive periods of time from a coffee shop like it is in the States. However, with the floods of international digital workers coming through the city, it has become more custom to see people setting up their offices at various coffee shops around Medellin. Here is a list of the top five coffee shops for digital nomads in Medellin:

Pergamino Cafe

Pergamino cafe has some of the best coffee in Medellin. All the coffee they serve comes from the Antioquia region (the state home to the city of Medellin). Pergamino offers a great atmosphere for working and a lot of seating options. The staff can communicate easily with English-speaking customers and the environment is split pretty evenly between gringos and locals, giving you a local experience while not feeling like the only gringo in sight.

Cafe Velvet

Cafe Velvet is right across the street from Pergamino. While Pergamino prides itself on being 100% Colombian, Velvet offers a Belgian experience. After you work out of Velvet once, you will always recognize someone you know once you return, the place is full of regulars and most of which are digital workers; meaning it’s a great atmosphere to meet other nomads. The staff is friendly and warms up quickly to regular customers. Velvet also offers a daily lunch which is both delicious and healthy. Pro-tip: order the Belgian chocolate spread if you have a sweet tooth, you won’t regret it.

Cafe Ondas

Taking a step out of Poblado and into Laureles, Cafe Ondas is a cafe that offers actually co-working spaces. With hi-speed internet and discounted coffee prices, Ondas offers daily, weekly, and monthly rates. While the location is mostly gringos (they also have rooms for rent), the co-working environment is great and relaxing.It’s also a great way to meet other digital workers living in the area being as most of the workers there are regulars. Ondas offers an opportunity to get out of touristy and popular sector of Poblado and explore a new part of the city.


This is a very hidden and quaint cafe west of Parque Poblado. I chose Urbania for my Top 5 list because while it’s relatively unknown, it is both delicious and a great place to work from. Also, as a recovering Seattle coffee snob, they sell the best cold brew in the city. While you lose out on the environment full of other digital workers, the space is quieter and more relaxing than Provenza or Lleras.

Hija Mia Coffee Roasters

Friendly atmosphere and the freshest coffee around. After becoming so popular amongst digital workers, they even started advertising themselves as a place for co-working. Not only do they offer an international environment for professionals to work, students to study, and friends to chat, they also roast their coffee on-site. The perfect place for digital nomads to work out of in Medellin.

Eleni is a Southern California native, Medellin transplant. She is a freelance writer and travel enthusiast; writing with through the lens of a young millennial living abroad. Read more of her work on her website:

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  • Mariah Edgington

    Excellent article, thanks. Love this: “recovering Seattle coffee snob”. My husband and I are recovering city people who find ourselves expated to Boquete Panama for the climate. Medellin has only recently hit our radar and we’ve booked flights for late January.

    • Eleni

      Glad you liked it Mariah! Hope to see you at a DN meetup in the new year.

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