Today we are reviewing one of the most impressive coworking spaces that I’ve ever seen, Tinkko on the Milla de Oro in El Poblado. This is one hell of a classy place. From the moment that you take the escalator past the BMW showroom you will feel like you’ve entered into the world of the super successful.

Tinkko is a modern, vibrant, and open space spread over floors 15 and 16 of a new glass-wrapped tower block in the most exclusive part of town. Take the plush elevator up and when the big metal doors open with a ping you’ll find a buzzing office space with men and women working for all manner of startups, as well as bigger more established businesses.

Tinkko is located on floors 15 and 16 of Edificio Milla de Oro
Tinkko is located on floors 15 and 16 of Edificio Milla de Oro

The space is very much split into two types of work environment; one is designed for teams and the other for individuals working on solo projects. The area for teams is a Google-istic space with offices around the edges offering fantastic views over the city. In the center of the space there are shared desks and lots of really cool ‘bubbles’ that are used to hold meetings (members of the space can easily book time in one of these bubbles).

The bubble offices are perfect for one to one meetings
The bubble offices are perfect for one to one meetings

The area designed for individual workers is a huge open space that stretches across the entire width of the tower. The first thing you’ll notice is the out-of-this-world view, surely one of the best you’re likely to find in Medellin. There’s a modern kitchen where you can help yourself to free coffee and fruit-infused water. The rest of the space is occupied by desks (sitting, standing, large, small), telephone-box-like spaces for Skype calls, and little spaces to relax with bean bags.

The director of the space showed us around and told us how he and his team had been and visited some of the most popular coworking spaces in Miami and New York to see how they could replicate their successes in Medellin. Their prior research certainly shows! They have managed to create a really professional, modern, and affordable space in the plushest part of the city.

Tinkko is perfect for those of you that are productive working in professional, office-like spaces. Some of you may prefer more artistic, personal spaces such as La Casa Redonda in Laureles.


Located right above Starbucks on the Milla de Oro, Tinkko is perfectly located for many nomads staying in El Poblado. It’s close to all the popular areas for tourists and longer-term visitors. However, even if you’re staying in another part of the city, I urge you to check out the space and spend the day working there. You can take the Metro to Poblado and walk up the hill for around 15 minutes, or take an Uber or taxi right to the door. The space is located on the 15th and 16th floors of Tower 1 of Edificio Milla de Oro. Take the elevator next to Starbucks and ask the security guard for Tinkko Coworking.

Desk Options

You can choose between a flexible desk or a fixed desk. If you choose to have a flexible (coworking) desk you can decide to work for 25, 50, or 100 hours a month. The fixed desks are charged a fixed monthly fee. When you become a member of Tinkko you’ll be asked to give your fingerprint, which you need to scan your when entering and leaving, your hours in the space will then be logged. This system is perfect for those of you who just need a few hours of productivity a day.


Prices on this side of town are going to be a little higher. This coupled with the fact that Tinkko is spread over two floors of some of the most sought-after real estate in the city, means that you can expect to part with a little more cash than other coworking options in the city. That said, the prices are not astronomical, and you have the ability to choose a flexible plan for a very fair price.

You can see the latest prices here.

Nomad Community

There are many foreigners who choose to use Tinkko as their workbase so there’s no doubt that you will find like-minded people here. Speaking to many people in our community, everyone seems to be similarly impressed about the space. There’s also a good amount of longer-stay foreigners working here on their long-term projects.


As you can see, I’m very positive about this place and I think you will be too. The professional atmosphere, popular location, outstanding views across the city, and the community of people working there make it a very attractive option for nomads staying in the area. If you prefer a more artistic, laid back vibe in your coworking space then Tinkko may not be for you. However, if you’re serious about being productive, building a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, and want to hang out in one of the city’s most exclusive spots – then there aren’t many places to rival Tinkko.

*Members of Digital Nomads Medellin get a free day of coworking – just ask the receptionist.

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