The first thing to say about Selina is that we’re talking about another level of coworking to anything we’ve reviewed before. It humongous, perfectly designed and finished, uber professional, and full of remote workers with interesting projects. The space is far more than just a coworking space. It’s spread out over 10 floors, with 90 hotel-like rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a nightclub (yes, seriously, a nightclub), all designed for digital nomads who like to mix work and play in equal quantities. For the purposes of the DNM blog we’ll only be reviewing the coworking space, however, you need to come and check out this space to take it all in.

Why has it taken so long for us to review one of the top coworking spaces in Medellin (if not South America)? Well it only opened up a few months ago, but it’s already making quite an impression.

The coworking space has many different areas and work options

As soon as you enter the coworking zone you will see how much thought has gone into this place to create a certain vibe. It’s not super professional like Tinkko and it’s not really artistic and chilled like La Casa Redonda, it’s somewhere in between. There are lots of people buzzing around on phone or Skype calls, and you’ll notice a certain feeling that only successful entrepreneurs in one room can emit. Above all the fancy interior design and artwork, that’s what I liked most about this place, a community of genuine entrepreneurs sharing a space to move their businesses forward.

If you are building an online business and want to share, learn, and grow amongst others in the tribe, then I can’t think of a better place to be.

Oh, and it’s open 24/7.

Better than all the fancy design is the networking opportunities that you'll find here


Located right at the top of Calle 10 in Medellin’s most popular area of El Poblado, Selina is in the perfect location for many first time visitors to Medellin. It’s within walking distance to many of the city’s hotels and hostels (it’s very own 10 floor hotel sits right on top), the city’s most popular party spots, the best restaurants etc. Even if you’re not staying in El Poblado, it’s definitely worth taking the trip out here to spend the day working.


After my ranting and raving about this place you might be thinking that this is where the downsides begin to creep in. For a place like this I was expecting it to be on the high side of the Medellin coworking space price scale. However, Selina is the cheapest coworking space that we have reviewed so far. That’s crazy.

*Psst owner of Selina, you can charge a little bit more.

The desks are really good quality and are at a nice height, with ample power outlets and good lighting, and the chairs are comfortable and stylish (you can pay extra to have an ergonomic chair). You can choose between the ‘monthly social membership’ which means you have to find a free desk every morning, the ‘monthly dedicated desk’ which means that you’ll have your own desk that no one else can use, and a ‘monthly private office’. Check the table of prices here:

Monthly Social Membership Monthly Dedicated Desk Monthly Private Office
Hot desk
Dedicated desk with ergonomic chair and drawers
24/7 Access
Tea and Coffee
High speed Internet
Daily wellness classes
Free meeting room hours
20% off the Playground: our restaurant and bar
Unlimited productivity
Investment $75 USD $160 USD $200 USD


Many coworking spaces in Medellin seem to have far more local workers than travelers. However, Selina has a really diverse and thriving nomad community. I’m sure that many of our Digital Nomads Medellin Facebook group already work here. If you’re new to the city and want to meet like-minded people, who also need to be productive on the road, then look no further than Selina. I would even recommend staying in the accommodation here for a week or two so that you can really settle in and find your bearings as a nomad in Medellin. We’ll definitely be organising a meetup here in the future!

Lots of digital nomads in Medellin have chosen Selina as their work base


Download and Upload speeds are impressive (see image below), and, for me at least, it was really consistent. There is nothing worse than going somewhere with the sole prerogative of being productive and not being able to connect. I have a feeling that this place doesn’t even let that happen.


Overall, we have only positive things to say about Selina. As I said in the introduction, I could write in a lot more depth about the overall project that’s being built here high up in El Poblado. The overarching plan seems to be about mixing work and play, and providing both up to a ridiculously high quality. The coworking space is a really fantastic place to come and mix in with like-minded entrepreneurs who are working online. The price is the cherry on top that really gives this place the advantage over other coworking options in the city.

The insanely cool nap room

*Digital Nomads Medellin have not been paid for this article. 

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    Cool. Thx for the review, we will for sure check it out!


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    Bro solid review! Would have loved to know more about the private offices, do any come with a view? Great Article and will most def be checking out!

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