Today we are reviewing an impressive coworking space on Calle 10 in the heart of El Poblado. Global Express is the first space in Medellin I have seen that is really geared toward foreigners, either travelling through Medellin or staying in the city on a longer-term basis.

This is immediately obvious as you walk through the front doors and see a travel desk where you can book transport, hotels, and tours, as well as ask for any information that you may need to make your stay here more comfortable. If you are serious about your work and need a modern, very-well organised, and productive space then Global Express should definitely be high up on your list of places to check out. They have monthly meet ups and offer a free day of coworking to anybody interested in checking out the space – so you’ve got no excuse :).

The Global Express Front Desk
The Global Express Front Desk

You could be forgiven for thinking that you’re checking into a high-end hotel when first entering. The downstairs area consists of the tourist help desk mentioned earlier, a cafe, a ‘check-in’ area, a car rental business, a really classy boutique kitchen free for any coworker to use, three mini-coworking spaces, and the best meeting room that I’ve come across in Medellin so far (it’s a seriously cool meeting room).

The Boutique Kitchen
The Boutique Kitchen

That’s just downstairs. On the next floor, you will find lots of different offices with teams of people busily working away as well as a large coworking space that is just perfect for short-term stayers in Medellin who want to get their head down and get productive without having to shell out for a private office.

The Open Coworking Space
The Open Coworking Space

Then there’s the rooftop. A really well-designed space that has gorgeous views out across El Poblado. You can also connect to the super-fast broadband up here so you can work and take in the view at the same time.

The Awesome Rooftop
The Awesome Rooftop

Unlike La Casa Redonda and Frenda, Global Express has a more traditional office vibe. You’ll find professional office chairs that can make a world of difference to your productivity, well-placed power sockets, and a quiet ‘shut-up-we’re-getting-work-done-here’ feel around the place. In some ways, it’s similar to Tinkko (see our review here) but the main difference is that Global Express have really make an effort to attract foreigners by offering very useful professional services.


The location is pretty much unbeatable. It’s right on Calle 10 between Parque Poblado and Parque Lleras. It’s close to all the area’s main hotels and hostels as well as cafes and restaurants. The location is just another string in the Global Express bow to attract foreigners in need of a place to work.

Desk Options

There are loads of desk options, many of which you are free to use. If you, like me, like to work in a couple of different spots during the day then you have a good amount to choose from. On the ground floor, there are three coworking desks with comfortable seated rows that are perfect if you’re working with a friend or coworker. Upstairs there is a huge open-plan coworking space, which is currently rented out to a tour group but will be open to all coworkers again soon. You could also rent out your own office space if you prefer a more private space. Oh and don’t forget about that rooftop – it’s perfect for a couple of hours of creative writing.


The Global Express coworking plan costs $5 per day. This is really good value considering how professional the space is and its location. As far as I’m aware there isn’t any deal for longer-term users of the space, though I’m sure you could chat to them about that. You can find more information about their pricing here.

Nomad Community

Because of the effort that Global Express have put into attracting foreign visitors to their coworking space you’ll hear a lot of English being spoken around the space. The owners are from the United States and Australia, which also helps Global Express to attract more foreigners than other spaces in the city. You’re likely to be able to build a good network of both foreigners and Colombians here, which is a huge plus for many digital nomads.


Overall we were very impressed with Global Express. It is definitely better suited to those of you who prefer to work in a more traditional office environment, rather than an artistic place like La Casa Redonda. The space is finished to a very high standard, all the furnishings, desks, and chairs are all really high-end. You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into every element of design. Professional architects were brought in to distribute the space as evenly as possible so that everyone can work in comfort – this definitely shows. Also, the attention to detail to make foreigners feel at home in Medellin has made Global Express a very attractive place for many visitors. For that reason, you’re likely to find like-minded people to enjoy your time with in Medellin.

*Check out this cool video to find out more information about Global Express…

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  • David Posada

    Hi, do you have coworking spaces available?

  • Rasmus


    Initially I had a nice experience there, nice reception staffs, fast internet etc. But then one fine day you check in and just as you are sitting there trying to keep your start-up ass above water a lady (fellow office user) suddenly say the space is occupied and if I can please go somewhere else to conduct my phone calls….. gaaawd.

    Turns out the whole office space were suddenly rented out to a company who needed the space for 1 month. Great.

    As I didnt want to sit in the Kitchen or at a Bar chair in the reception, I decided to wrap-up…… At least I didnt waste my day, there are plenty of other open office space in Medellin at fair cost and good facilities and location.

    • Herman Ritzema

      Hi Rasmus, that’s not the first time tI hear about this unfortunately. You could try Selina or Tinkko, they have similar styles and prices I think.

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