Cafe Ondas is famous on the Digital Nomad Scene for not only holding our monthly meetups, but also as a great place to get some work done. Located in Floresta, this half hostel/half cafe undoubtedly serves the best coffee on this side of town, as well as some pretty tasty food (you can’t miss the breakfast!). During the day the cafe is quiet and spacious enough to get productive. Plug in your headphones, order a strong coffee, and Cafe Ondas has the ability to wrap you up in it’s cozy, infinitely-interesting, well-decorated walls.

The second floor of the cafe is a hostel meaning that there is a constant mix of international guests, making Ondas a great place to meet new and interesting people. You’ll also find a large terrace with tables and chairs to work from on the second floor, as well as a large rooftop terrace to escape and get some views across the city.  

A word has to be said for the staff, who are all really friendly and make it a great place to spend your day.


When it comes to productivity a lot depends on the person, but Ondas seems to feature a fair few people with heads down and fingers typing. You’re not going to find professional desks and chairs (check out our coworking page for that, but there are really comfortable corners with nice chairs and decent tables. Along the center of the cafe runs a long table with rows of benches, which are definitely comfortable enough for a few hours. There is a good amount of power sockets so that you won’t have to leave halfway through the day. The internet is also pretty good, so much so that a couple of day traders are constant fixtures in the cafe, looking elated, distressed, or bemused – depending on the market.


Ondas isn’t a well-kept secret, it has a large base of faithful customers, mainly foreigners who are staying in Medellin for a longer period of time. That’s what makes Ondas so great; the familiar faces, the sense of community, the friendly atmosphere. Many nomads choose Cafe Ondas as one of their workspots because of the community that the space offers. There are also a lot of short-term travellers staying upstairs in the hostel which gives the space a nice traveller feel. Overall, it’s a really nice mix.


Located two blocks away from Floresta Metro Station, Cafe ondas is super easy to get to. It’s a bit of a walk from Laureles (about 15 minutes at a good pace, or 5-10 minutes on a bicycle). As the nomad community around the Estadio, Floresta, and Laureles areas of Medellin is really growing, Cafe Ondas is perfectly located.


Cafe Ondas is one of my favourite cafes in the entire city. It’s a good place to spend a day working, but it’s an even better place to come and get to know some like-minded people staying in the city. They also have a lot nightly meetups with good, low-priced cocktails and beer. Check out their Facebook page here, or their website here.

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