A common complaint about Medellin is that it lacks the international feel that bigger metropolises such as Mexico City, Buenos Aires, or even Bogota can offer to the digital nomad community. I have to admit there is some truth in this, but as more and more foreign owned establishments open their doors in Medellin, there is a sense that this is changing.

One such place adding to the city’s expanding list of diverse hangout spots is Café Cliché. Set just outside the heart of Laureles, this cute and quirky café has attracted a loyal crowd of digital nomads, who are more than happy to work the day away in a chilled and relaxed environment. Creating this ‘chilled and relaxed’ environment, however, is easier said than done. Tonnes of detail has gone into making the place so homely, the low murmurings of chillhop music, wacky furniture, strange and interesting artifacts in every nook and cranny, a wooden terrace that extends out onto the leafy street, and importantly, home-cooked food and strong coffee. All of this adds to its overflowing charm.

Café Cliché has been very carefully put together to create its unique style.

After a month of DIY decorating along to YouTube videos, the two French owners, Adrien and his girlfriend Sarah, opened their doors in August 2016. In May 2017 they were joined by Sylvain, a French Chef and best friend of Adrien. Since then, they have succeeded in bringing a slice of French culture and cuisine to the streets of Medellin. But they wanted it to be more than just a daytime café, so in the evenings they often host events, such as film nights, live music, and meet-ups of all kinds. On the weekend they even hold French classes, perfect if you’d like a break from all that Spanish study. All the blood, sweat, and toil that they have put into this project has created a kind of mini French embassy in the leafy suburbs of Laureles. Vive la France!

The soft light and European atmosphere make Café Cliché a very popular spot in the evenings.

For digital nomads staying in Medellin it’s a really great work option, especially if you’re feeling a bit claustrophobic in your apartment or coworking place. The owners are friendly and you’ll no doubt meet like-minded people, who all have their favourite work spot. Power sockets are numerous, so don’t worry about not having enough juice in your laptop to last the day. The coffee is really good and reasonably priced, and, as mentioned, the daily lunches are next level!

The Digital Nomad Medellin Meet up will take place at Café Cliché on the 15th of February.

*On February the 15th we will be holding a Digital Nomads Medellin event at the Café, so make sure you come along to check out one of the most popular digital nomad spots in Medellin. We’ll see you there!

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