Here at Digital Nomads Medellin we want to bring together a community and help you to plug into Medellin

Why We Started This Community

We are Shaun and Herman and we started this community in 2014. We met in 2013 through a friend in common, Johannes Voelkner, and through him we got inspired to work online and we found out about this great lifestyle. Since then we have launched several online business, our main being our SEO/Design company: Hola Webdesign.

We have learnt so much from the Digital Nomad Community all around the world and we wanted to bring together a great group of nomads here. There is such a vibrant online entrepreneurial vibe that is running through the veins of Medellin that this group kind of made itself.

Every day people ask us about where to work, where to party, the best places to live etc. around Medellin, so Shaun decided to write the very detailed Digital Nomads Medellin Guide. In the guide you will find all the information you need to get started as a digital nomad in Medellin. It took a long time, and a lot of research, but we believe that the guide will help anyone interested in coming here, a lot.

We are sure you are going to love Medellin and with the guide and the community you will be able to get the very best out of this amazing city. Hope to see you soon on one of our monthly meet ups!

Shaun and Herman