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Welcome to the Digital Nomads Medellin community!

We are Shaun and Herman and we started the Digital Nomads Medellin Facebook group in 2014. Even though we settled in Medellin now, we still love to stay connected to the digital nomad movement and organize a rooftop meet up every month. Check out the group, read our blog or buy the guide to be completely updated!

The Digital Nomads Medellin Guide (2017 Edition)

Are you thinking about coming to Medellin? Still have doubts? Our guide has everything that you need to know about being a digital nomad in Medellin:

  • How to get settled
  • Where to meet like-minded people
  • Where to stay
  • Short and Long-term accommodation options
  • Where to work
  • Where to party
  • Touristy things to do
  • Exploring outside of the city
  • Safety guide
  • + Plus much more

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